The Moses Center

Breaking The Chains

The Moses Center is named after Moses and Mother Moses who both worked to free enslaved people from bondage.

Bondage as we know is not always physical but can be emotional, financial and intellectual.

The mission of the Moses Center is to provide appropriate, timely, accessible and effective community programs to the Youths, Adults and Seniors of North St. Louis city and county  These programs seek to decrease crime and promote community participation; while empowering neighbors to further their education and their ability to hope and dream of a better future.

         The values that guide everything we do are . . .


·         The Freedom of every human being to reach their full potential

·         The Peace that comes to those who respect the dignity of every human

·         The Justice that refuses to accept poverty or oppression

·         The Democracy that involves the whole community in having a dream for the future

·         The Community as the basic tool to release those oppressed

·         The Compassion of the Human Spirit that accepts all people as they are.

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